A President’s luggage

A trip in one week to three schools: Alain Sebban, the President and Founder of Vatel Group

A President’s luggage

One has been located in Istanbul since 2013, the other will open in Baku in 2017 and the last one just took in its first student intake in Podgorica: from Vatel Istanbul to Vatel Montenegro, without forgetting Vatel Baku, here is the tale of Alain Sebban’s last odyssey, the President of the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

MONDAY, beginning of the week and the trip:  Alain Sebban puts his luggage down in Turkey and greets the Vatel Istanbul teams, who have their fourth class of students. Accompanied by Julien Liscouet, the Vatel Group International Affairs Manager, he was welcomed by Ali Dogan Camak, the School’s Director

Time flew by that morning with discussions on how the first three years went, upcoming changes to be rolled out for the next few years and many other interesting subjects.

After that they visited the School’s partner hotels, where Vatel Istanbul students do their practical application weeks.

Mr. Sebban and Mr. Liscouet met the General Managers and the Human Resources Managers of the Four Seasons Bosphorus, and the Ritz Carlton Istanbul, where they spoke about:

  • professional expectations in terms of training for future employees,
  • internships and jobs to be filled in both hotels,
  • Turkey’s tourism industry.

TUESDAY was devoted to a tour of the city and the Istanbul / Baku flight.

They arrived on WEDNESDAY in Azerbaijan. Both men were greeted by Bahram Gurbanov, the Vatel School Director for the school that will open in Baku. The day was a busy one with meetings, introductions to team members and tours of the school’s future facilities.

In the evening, Bahram Gurbanov and the Director of the future application hotel on the Vatel Baku campus organized a gala dinner. During the dinner they spoke about the country’s latest tourism facts and figures as well as the need to train local students.

Meeting with Minister of Tourism and Culture of AzerbaijanOn THURSDAY, the three partners met with Abulfas Garayev, the Azerbaijan Minister of Culture and Tourism, who enthusiastically welcomed the future opening of a Vatel School in his country. 

FRIDAY was the last day of the trip with a stop in Podgorica, to welcome the first student intake for Vatel Montenegro. Seventy young men and women have joined the network made up of 7,000 Vatel students in the world and they wore their uniforms for the very first time!

Among those who were there to wish them happiness and success in their studies and throughout their careers

  • Predrag Boskovic, the Minister of Education
  • Branimir Gvozdenović, the Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development.

After this week where some may say that he never stopped, but which is much like many other ones for our President, Alain Sebban has just landed in Lyon, Vatel Group’s head office.  He’ll be there for a few days before taking off again for one of the 35 cities were a Vatel School is located. 



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