American management at Uncle Sam’s

After a year of specialization at Vatel Los Angeles, students take part in a traditional American graduation ceremony.

American management at Uncle Sam’s

"American Hospitality Management & International Business" is the name of the 5th year Specialization given in Vatel Los Angeles, which 21 students chose in 2015. Only given on the California Campus, students came from Vatel Paris, Lyon, Nimes, Bordeaux, Brussels and Mauritius to do this specialization in their last year.

Let’s pretend we’re looking through the archives and go back a year: here are some testimonials from 2014 alumni, who are currently working in Paris, Lausanne and Deauville.


Let’s listen to the students  

“I was starting my 4th year at Vatel Nimes when I heard about the 5th year specializations. The Los Angeles one really caught my eye, because through the French are experts in the Art of Hospitality, you have to concede the fact that Americans come in first when you’re talking about business. For me it was evident that adding these two elements together would give me great employability on the job market.”

Lisa Timouk, the F&B administrative department of the Palace Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome.


“We had the opportunity to set up quite a few concrete group projects and personal presentations on subjects that interested us. That was an opportunity to question ourselves about our future and to prepare ourselves for our professional lives.”

Audrey Esposito, Catering department of the Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne


“The Vatel Los Angeles management team was awesome. They set up an unforgettable on-board week-end and helped us out with our administrative red-tape.”

Stephanie Leriche, Duty Manager at the Hotel du Golf Barriere 4* in Deauville


“Americans are well-known for their very own managerial style. I had to seize the opportunity to compare it with the French style. Without Vatel, having a professional experience in the USA would have been much more complicated.

And how lucky I was to experience “the American way of life” while improving my English every single day where the sun almost always shines at 25°C - perfect weather!  I had no problems at all adapting myself to this type of weather!”

“Learning is something that’s very different from what we Europeans are used to. Students give the courses, and that means a 100% invovlement. 

Camille Magnin - Seminar Advisor at Chateauform’- 40 companies in Europe and in China

Watch here the Welcome Party Video: 


WELCOME V15 The VATEL USA Class V15 have started their one year MBA program on American Management in Los Angeles. They will get a dual degree (Master + MBA) in October 2016... if they survive the next intensive 12 months!However, the first week started pretty well...

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