Students with a promising future

Hospitality professionals give testimonials about working with Vatel...

Students with a promising future

"With their consistently high professional performances and their dedication to maintaining highly professional work ethics, we are pleased to have Vatel students involved in our internship program here at the Metropark Lido. Their passion and commitment to their work is clearly demonstrated by the positive customer feedback we have received and the trust that they have developed with their colleagues. While it is certainly challenging to meet the different needs of our international clientele, our Vatel interns have nonetheless strived to exceed their expectations. I am quite delighted to work with Vatel and I hope that we can continue to have a successful partnership in the future.” Elli Wang, Training Manager of Metropark Lido Hotel, Beijing." Elli Wang, Training Manager of Metropark Lido Hotel, Beijing - Vatel Planet 2014.


Vatel students

Students from Vatel Lyon, Brussels and Nimes all began their internships in the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing on summer, 2015. We hope they all have a wonderful professional experience



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