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Opening ceremony of the Consulate of Montenegro in Lyon - Vatel

Opening ceremony of the Consulate of Montenegro in Lyon

Students of Vatel Montenegro attended at the opening ceremony of the Consulate of Montenegro in Lyon on February 12th.


Students of Vatel Montenegro attended at the opening ceremony of the Consulate of Montenegro in Lyon on February 12th. They had the opportunity to met and take many photographs with Mr Sebban and also with His Royal Highness Prince Boris Petrovic-Njegosh, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro.Also they have got a chance to discover Vatel Lyon and to attend classes with other Vatel students.  Students shared with us their photographs,  impressions and experiences from their visit.

My experience in Lyon  has  really exceeded my own expectations. Warm welcome by our hosts, who are students of Vatel Lyon really made an effort to make us feel like we were at home and contributed to have incredible impression from Lyon. They put themselves in role of “touristic guide” so they showed us the monuments of the city, interesting places, old town and many more .I can say that I had feeling like I was part of my host’s family and I am really glad that I had a chance to see how traditionally French family looks like. My colleagues and l had  an opportunity to attend the lectures in Vatel Lyon which were really interesting.Students that we met were so friendly and they were curious about us, about Montenegro, as well as about Vatel in Montenegro. Some students even have  made an effort to learn some Montenegrin words! The professor of Negotiation welcomed us with words”Dobar dan” what impressed us. Later he told us that he visited Yugoslavia which mesmerized him and he expressed the willingness to come to Montenegro. Particulary I am satisfied because I could understand almost everything from the classes which were of course on French language. Also we met a lot of students who are friends with our hosts with who we went to the Vatel Café, city centre, even we organised dinner at home of my host where my colleague Boris and I enjoyed in specialities of French cuisine which were prepared by Solène,, Clement, Thibault and Esteban. Enjoying the wine as well as in the view from the Diplomatico, a famous restaurant in Lyon, we agreed that we will welcome them and show the beauty of our country, cities, of course acquainting them with the Montenegrin tradition and culture. The next day, my colleague Boris and I had the opportunity to see how the Vatel restaurant functions  in Lyon where we had the opportunity and to taste excellent French wines. Then Boris, Kristian, Renata and me took a picture with our hosts, the director of Vatel in Lyon and Aline Renard-Wang who is International Development Manager at Vatel. As we have received a call from Mr. Alain Sebban to be elected as a representative of Vatel from Montenegro at the opening of the Consulate of Montenegro in Lyon we went to the one of the most beautiful historic buildings, City Hall-Hôtel de Ville which was place of ceremony. Being part of this kind of event is really privilege for all of us. We had the opportunity to serve our guests with our famous worldwide known Montenegrin wine, the Vranac from 2015, for which many people said it was exceptional. Beside meeting Mr Alain Sebban, the Founder of Vatel, we had the opportunity to talk with our Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš. We spoke to him about our impressions from Lyon, about Vatel, of course about our beautiful homeland Montenegro. He told us that wherever he is, his heart belongs to   Montenegro. We also met Mr.Thomas Mee who is the chairman of Ānanti Hotels, Resorts and Residences . Among the officials were also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr.Zoran Janković, president of ADRIA.M.M. Mr.Jean-Pierre Biot, as well as the Vice President Philippe Vorburger, Mr.Betrtrand Thibert  who is Honorary consul of Montenegro in Lyon, Mr.Jean-Dominique Durant, and many others. Listening to our national anthem, which is the  most beautiful in the world (in my opinion) and then the national anthem of France, I felt very proud at that moment, because being part of something like this is a huge honor and I am glad that I was among the chosen ones too.

The next day, we were preparing to return to Montenegro. Jean-François Duhamel, a personal driver of Alain Sebban, took us to the airport, which was also a great honor  for us.                                                                                                 I am  enormously grateful to Mr. Alain Sebban who invited us, of course  to our faculty, Vatel Montenegro as well as to Vatel Lyon, and especially to our hosts who contributed to this journey so it became an exceptional experience that I will always remember and which made me closer with stunning country such as France.

Being a Vatel student is truly a privilege! Thanks to Vatel, I can say that I am part of a global student network which grows every day more and more.

Student of II year of Vatel Montenegro Nora Sekulic

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