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Within the academic program International Hospitality Management we explore, teach and learn about the modern phenomenon of tourism, which attracts millions of people around the world. By launching this program we joined the Vatel group and Vatel brand. Vatel International School for Hospitality and Tourism Management is the first ranked group in this field in the world.

Excellence in the area of hotel industry, through more than 30 years of successful work and prestigious results enable the acquiring of knowledge and skills that easily meet all the challenges of modern international hospitality management.       

The innovative curriculum, with a balanced relationship between theory and practice, provides an opportunity for close connection with the tourism industry that makes graduated managers competitive on the labor market.

The program allows the obtaining of a clear-profile academic knowledge, domestic and international experience gained through internships in prestigious hotels and restaurants. Its value is based on the centuries-old French tradition in the field of hotel management through evaluation of the quality, good taste and excellence.              

Multiculturalism and international experience, nurtured through mandatory internships abroad and the opportunities provided by Marco Polo exchange program, offer the future managers a possibility to succeed in their professional career.               

Nothing as successful as tourism can connect different cultures through traveling, that is the driving force behind the desire to discover new people, places and different cultures. If you want to stand out from the masses participating in a labor market, and motivate your curiosity, while your goal is to become the professional managers who are ready to meet the challenges of modern tourism, then the right choice is the International Hospitality and Management.    

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